PP Consulting's Services

Key services comprise:

  • Convergence of telecommunications and media sectors

Advice to telecoms service providers, media companies, content owners, governments and regulators on convergence-related:

- Changes in telecoms and media industry structure

- Competition issues, including sports and movie content rights

- Government policy and regulatory responses to convergence

  • Investment in next generation access networks

Advice to governments and investors on policy and commercial models for greenfield investment in next generation access networks such as Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN)

  • Network access regulation

Advice to network operators, market entrants, regulators and policy-makers on regulatory frameworks and proceedings for access to the copper and fibre networks of incumbent telcos

  • Economic impact of broadband networks

Advice to fixed and mobile telecoms service providers and policy-makers on the economic impacts of the availability of high speed fixed and mobile broadband networks

  • Universal Service Obligation (USO)

Advice to policy-makers and incumbent telcos on alternative contractual and legislative USO models and mechanisms.