Paul Paterson: Curriculum Vitae


  • 20 years of experience in telecoms and media sectors, as a senior advisor and executive in major companies. Key focus on telecoms-media convergence (industry structure changes, competition regulation, Government policy response), broadband network investment, telecoms access regulation, and universal service obligation (USO) policy
  • Worked in a number of Commonwealth and State government agencies, and for the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris
  • Qualifications in economics to PhD level, and post-graduate level competition law studies
  • Distinguished Alumni College of Business and Economics, Australian National University
  • On advisory board for IT start-ups Advanced Control & Acoustics, and CoTag Media.

Consulting experience

  • Advice on regulatory, competition, commercial, strategic, and policy matters for major telecommunications/media corporations, industry associations, and government agencies
  • Clients include Commonwealth Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy, Victorian Deparment of State Development Business and Innovartion, NBN Co, Vodafone, Telstra, Foxtel, Apple, Telecom New Zealand, Eircom, European GSM Association, submarine cable consortia
  • Jurisdictions cover Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Senior executive experience

  • Tribunal Member, New South Wales Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART): setting and advising on prices for power, water and public transport utilities in NSW, and conducting economic inquiries for the NSW Government  
  • Director Regulatory, Telstra: Regulatory strategy, ACCC/ACMA/Government relationship management
  • Chief Economist, OTC: Business forecasts, strategic planning, interconnection regulation
  • Executive Director Policy and Resources, NSW Office of Economic Development: Industry development in NSW, investment attraction, Government purchasing.


  • PhD (Economics) and Master of Economics, Australian National University
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Economics (First Class Honours), University of New England.

Contact details

Phone: +61 (0) 438 289 764
Mail: GPO Box 2753 Sydney NSW 2001.

Employment History


Employer NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART)

Position Held and Description of Duties Tribunal member 
The Tribunal leads the IPART secretariat of 130 professional staff in its price setting, quality monitoring and licence compliance roles for energy, water and transport utilities in NSW. It also conducts independent inquiries on economic and regulatory matters for the NSW Government.

From 2012 To Present

Employer PP Consulting Telecommunications Media

Position Held and Description of Duties Executive Director

Specialist telecoms/media regulatory, policy and commercial advice, expert testimony and litigation support. Key focus on the policy framework, deployment, and economic impacts of next generation broadband networks; and policy, regulatory, and competition issues from media and telecoms convergence.

From 2009 To 2012

Employer Castalia Strategic Advisors

Position Held and Description of Duties Vice President Telecommunications

Telecommunications competition and infrastructure development advice, expert testimony and litigation support. Specialist advice on the deployment, regulation, and economic impacts of high speed broadband networks (fixed and mobile). Responsible for providing strategic direction and management of Castalia’s telecommunications practice including client relations, project design, resourcing, quality control, and budget.

From 2008 To 2009

Employer Concept Economics

Position Held and Description of Duties Head of Telecommunications Consulting; Chief Operating Officer

Head of Telecommunications Consulting: Strategic direction and management of telecommunications team including project management, client relations, and project sourcing. Provision of specialist telecommunications and media advice to major clients. Expert testimony and litigation support in telecoms and media competition and IP cases.

Chief Operating Officer and board member: Governance and management of Concept Economics.

From 2004 To 2008

Employer CRA International

Position Held and Description of Duties Vice President

Head of Telecommunications Consulting: Strategic direction and management of CRA’s Asia-Pacific telecommunications consulting team. Provision of specialist telecommunications advice to major clients in Australia, Asia-Pacific, and beyond.
Chief Operating Officer, Asia-Pacific: Management of the operations and budget performance of CRA’s Asia-Pacific business.

From 1998 To 2004

Employer Telstra Corporation Limited

Position Held and Description of Duties Director Regulatory (2001-2004)

Development and execution of Telstra’s regulatory strategy. Management of Telstra’s relationship with key industry operators and regulators (ACCC and ACMA). High level engagement with the Commonwealth Government on telecommunications competition and universal service policy. Member of the board of the Australian Communications Industry Forum.

Group Manager Competition (1998-2001)

Development and negotiation with the ACCC of the seminal terms and conditions for competitor access to Telstra’s public switched telecommunications network (PSTN) under the then-new (July 1997) telecommunications competition legislation.

From 1992 To 1998

Employer NSW Government

Position Held and Description of Duties Office of Economic Development, Premier’s Department (1992-95); Department of State and Regional Development (1995-98), New South Wales Government

Chief Economist (1992-95); Executive Director, Policy and Resources(1995-98)
Provision of policy advice to the Minister for Economic Development and Cabinet on measures to stimulate ICT, regional and small business development in NSW, and attract investment by multinational firms.

From 1988 To 1992

Employer OTC Limited (Australia)

Positions Held Chief Economist (1998-2000); Director Strategy (2000-2002)

From 1987 To 1988

Employer The Treasury, Commonwealth Government (Australia)

From 1985 To 1987 (and 1980–1983)

Employer Bureau of Labour Market Research (BLMR), Commonwealth Government (Australia)

From 1983 To 1985

Employer Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) (Paris)

From 1980 To 1983 (see above)

From 1977 To 1980

Employer Bureau of Agricultural Economics

Consulting Assignments

Competitive Neutrality 2014 - Currently engaged by a state government agency to advise it on competitive neutrality pricing requirements for a GBE with a telecommunications carrier licence that has been granted access to a government-owned fibre transmission link.

NBN Cost-Benefit Analysis 2014 - Currently engaged by a State government agency to draft its submission to the NBN Cost-Benefit Panel’s Regulatory Framing Paper.

ACCC Fixed Line Services Declaration Review: CBD Exemptions 2014 -Engaged by King Wood Mallesons to prepare an expert report on the economic case for retention or removal of the current CBD declaration exemption for key access services (wholesale line rental and local carriage service).

Commonwealth Mobile Coverage Program 2014 -Engaged by the Victorian Department of State Development, Business and Innovation to advise on Mobile Coverage Program policy design alternatives to stimulate mobile competition in rural and remote areas.

Broadband Futures for Australia 2013 - Engaged to advise the Victorian Government on possible broadband futures for Australia over the next 30 years. Advice covered technology options, service quality and financial performance of the NBN under Labor and Coalition plans and other variations, and regulatory and policy issues.

National Broadband Network Regulatory Advice 2010–2013 - Retained by NBN Co to provide expert advice on economic and finance matters pertaining to its Special Access Undertaking, including network costing and service pricing methodologies, competition matters, and the 30 year term of the Undertaking.. Advice to NBN Co on Government policy regarding fibre network deployment for greenfield sites.

Regulatory Pricing for Broadcast Network Access 2013 - Engaged by Broadcast Australia to advise senior management and the Board on the likely access price outcomes from a regulated outcome.

ACCC Access Regulation Declaration Inquiry 2013 - Engaged by Telstra as an expert economic advisor on network access regulation, including where regulatory forbearance is warranted on the basis that enduring bottleneck infrastructure is not used in service delivery.

Media Content Delivery Options, Australia 2013 - Financial modelling of content delivery options (HFC, satellite, NBN) for a major media company. Modelling involved detailed consideration of the sunk, fixed and variable costs of each of these technologies, and how these will change over the next 10 years.

Competition Issues from Exclusive Distribution Rights for Prime Entertainment Content 2013 - Engaged to advise a major media company on the regulatory risks from exclusive distribution rights arrangements for live sport and other prime audio-visual content

NBN Points-of-Interconnect Architecture and Broadband Backhaul, 2013 - Engaged by a Harbour ISP, a small regional ISP, to prepare a submission to the ACCC on the commercial and competition implications of NBN Co’s PoI architecture and regulated backhaul prices.

Exemption from wholesale ADSL regulation, Australia 2012 - Advice on identifying Telstra exchange service areas in which there is robust broadband network competition and wholesale ADSL access regulation is not required.

Productivity impact of Telstra’s Digital Business service, Australia 2012 - Engaged by Lighthouse Communications Group to calculate the value to individual small businesses, and the Australian economy, of time saved on IT-related activities from using Telstra’s Digital Business service.

National Broadband Network Point-of-Interconnect Architecture, Australia 2012 - Engaged to advise on the implications for regional telecommunications service provision and ICT activities of the presence of a national broadband network (NBN) point-of-interconnect (PoI) in certain localities in regional Australia.

Commerce Commission UCLL pricing inquiry, New Zealand 2012 - Advice to the client’s prime consultant on the industry impacts of the Commerce Commission’s proposed changes to the regulated price of the unconditioned copper local loop service. Advice based on the incentives of customers, retail services providers, high speed broadband applications providers, Chorus (copper and fibre wholesale-only network operator) and other local fibre companies under the current New Zealand economic and commercial climate and policy context.

Cloud Virtual Server Cost Model, Australia 2011 - Engaged to model the cost of Telstra’s cloud server solution compared to the traditional in-office hardware server approach. Done for a range of small/medium sized businesses. Led the modelling team and managed client relations.

Universal Service Obligation Policy and Practice, Australia 2011 - Engaged to provide expert advice on changes to the Australian USO policy framework, including costing Telstra’s contractual obligation to retain its copper network outside the NBN fibre footprint, and to maintain its current payphone network.

ACCC Wholesale ADSL Declaration Inquiry, Australia 2011 - Expert report examining whether there is evidence of alleged punitive price differentiation or other anti-competitive conduct by Telstra in the supply of wholesale ADSL services.

ACCC Fixed Line Services Regulatory Exemption Inquiry, Australia 2011 - Strategic analysis and advice on key competition and commercial issues relevant to the ACCC’s consideration of whether to exempt Telstra from on-going Fixed Line Services regulation

National Broadband Network Regulatory Advice, Australia 2010 - present - Retained by NBN Co to provide expert advice on economic and finance matters pertaining to its Special Access Undertaking, including network costing and service pricing methodologies, competition matters, and the 30 year term of the Undertaking.. Advice to NBN Co on Government policy regarding fibre network deployment for greenfield real estate development sites.

Layered Access Regulation, New Zealand 2010 - In the context of the planned deployment of the Ultra Fast broadband network (UFB), analysed the single or two-layered nature of access regulation for fibre networks in those countries where fibre has been (or is soon to be) deployed. Also investigated the network architecture and policy context of the decision to regulate access at only one or both layers, and compared this to copper access arrangements.

Mobile Telecommunications Productivity Impacts, New Zealand 2010 - Advised a New Zealand mobile operator on the economic contribution of its mobile services used by business and government customers, for policy development and marketing purposes. This was done nationally and for key industry sectors—health, freight transport, agribusiness, finance, and central government services. Involved in in-depth interviews with leading Vodafone business and government customers, and an online survey of small business customers

Media Content Delivery Options, Australia 2009 - Financial modelling of content delivery options in an NBN environment for a major media company. The key options considered were cable-based satellite delivery. Modelling involved detailed consideration of the sunk, fixed and variable costs of each of these technologies, and how these will change over the next 10 years.

Trans-Tasman Telecommunications Regulation, New Zealand 2009 - Advised a New Zealand operator on telecommunications competition regulation in Australia, covering legislation and the design and operations of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Introduction of Cost-based Regulated Access Prices, Papua New Guinea 2008-2009 - Supervised a detailed project on the application of cost-based pricing for interconnection by a mobile operator with Telekom PNG’s network.

Exemption from Access Regulation, Australia 2008-2009 - Key expert witness for two PSTN access regulation exemption applications considered by the ACCC and the Australian Competition Tribunal (ACT). Expert reports were influential in the ACCC and ACT decisions to grant exemption from access regulation for these services in competitive exchange service areas.

Impact of Mobile Broadband Services, Australia 2008-2009 - Investigation into the economic impacts of Telstra’s 3G mobile broadband service NextG, based on telephone and online user surveys, firm-level productivity analysis, and general equilibrium modelling.

Royalty Rate Changes, Australia 2008–2009 - Retained as an expert witness to provide evidence on the likely impact on businesses and consumers of a proposed change in the royalty rate for online music downloads.

Impact of Business Matching Services, Australia 2008-2009 - Designed and managed a research project on the likely national and industry-level impacts, in a range of countries, of a proposed business-to-business and business-to-customer online matching service.

Policy Options for Publicly-funded Deployment of High Speed Broadband Networks, Australia 2008 - Led a cross-consultancy team investigating the economic impacts at the national, State, region and industry levels of various policy options for a government-sponsored next generation national broadband network. Policy variables considered included network performance parameters (speed and deployment footprint), network technology, network access regulatory settings, and the level of government funding.

Suitability of Broadband Pricing Plans for Online Movies-on-Demand, Australia 2008 - Advised on whether the pricing plans typically offered by Australian ISPs, including download limits and over-limit charging, are conducive to online consumption of online movies.

The Economics of Interconnection for Next Generation Networks, United Kingdom 2008 - Advice on the technical and economic aspects of interconnection in a next generation network environment, comprehending NGNs’ technical capabilities (for example, session control), operational requirements (for example, quality of service differentiation), and service versatility.

The Costs and Benefits of Vertical Separation of Incumbent Telecommunications Companies, Australia 2005-2008 - Advice on the economic effects of various forms of vertical separation of telecommunications companies, based on in-depth economic analysis and industry experience. Done for both traditional PSTN and IP environments.

Competition Effects of International Cable Acquisitions, Hong Kong and Singapore 2006-2007 - Advised an international investor on the competition effects of proposed submarine cable acquisitions, where the client had existing infrastructure interests in relevant markets. A key aspect of the analysis was defining the markets which could be impacted by the proposed acquisitions, and establishing which parties within these markets had effective control of cable capacity through long term leases and indefeasible rights of use. Reports prepared were provided to competition regulators in Singapore and Hong Kong as evidence that competition would not be reduced by the proposed cable acquisitions.
Structural Separation of Eircom, Ireland 2006—Advised a major equity investor on regulatory and operation aspects of the structural separation of the Irish incumbent carrier eircom.

Telecommunications Infrastructure Provision in New Estates, Australia 2006 - Advised a major property developer on options to ensure buyers in high-value estates would have access to high speed broadband. Assessed customer broadband demand, and identified options trading off customer satisfaction, developer cost, and risk. Presented a range of network ownership and franchise models with limited, and open, network access arrangements.

International Benchmarking of Regulated Network Access Prices, Australia 2006 - Managed projects involving extensive international benchmarking of prices for unbundled local loops and other telecommunications access services in Australia, with comparison countries drawn primarily from Europe and North America.

Vertical Separation of Utilities through “Ring Fencing”, Australia 2005 - Advised a major telecoms utility on “ring fencing” arrangements for electricity and gas sectors, and potential suitability for telecoms given differences in industry characteristics and market circumstances.

Audit of Price Squeeze Compliance Testing Methodologies, Australia 2005 - Advised industry participants and the ACCC on methodologies for price squeeze compliance testing for telecommunications consumer services.


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